Update on openZilla development


Today when I was looking into the code of the openzilla it was looking too long for me.

I was thinking how i have make this all together code? I am planning to separate the code by their functionality.

Today I have done this for the window which is doing new bug posting thing. Written that part of the code in a file called new_bug.py . Updated the bug posting functionality with some bug fixes.

One problem I am facing today is I want to disconnect some of the gtk signals with the source code. I was doing this by opening the glade file and deactivating signal associated with the item I wanted to.

But for some signals I could not find where is the item connected to it. Suppose, one call back


some operation on it

I want to write the call backs manually and connect them manually.

self.cancel_btn = self.builder.get_object(“cancel”)

So i want to deactivate the signal created by glade file,but I am unable to find out the signal, so forcefully I had to write the call backs which i did not want.I want some method in the glade designer which will search for some signal connected to some item. search for some item is possible now but search for some signal is not possible(AFAK).

I am looking for solution to this problem and will update on getting this. trying to get openzilla up 🙂

Openzilla development resumed


Development of openzilla got paused, since few days I am thinking to continue the development of openzilla once again. After college completed joined the companies and got busy with work. Everyday I think about the open source contribution, but could not make my time for it.

Now I have got a little time to work with open source again, so finally resuming openzilla development. Few days back I installed the openzilla, but it is not working properly. I found there is some problem with the pybugz ( a dependency of openzilla and python interface for bugzilla systems).

I am presently working for the solution of this problem. I think I will solve it quickly 🙂

One more thing is going on in my mind since few days back I am looking into the transifex and thinking to contribute in this project.

this is all about my present days, and its a nice feeling to be back with the open source.


Extracting String from PHP Application

Yesterday I was looking for a method how I can get or extract one String from a PHP application.

I wanted to find out that there is some variable in the web page (or may be more than one variable)

and they are having their associated values.

Now I have to find out whether there is the variable in my case no_of_comment and if it is there then what are the values associated with them.

As a solution I got a nice function in php.net,


here, array_variable is an array or a key value pair, where keys are treated as variable name and values as variable values.

extract_type: this determines what to do if there is more than one value or there is no variable in that name at all. means how the value to be taken to the out put.

prefix_value: this is to determine the default value which is given adding one underscore with the variable name.

Here is how it worked for me

$comment = “this is for getting the values “;
$var_array = array(“name” => “estimatingFunction”,
“type” => “humanNurology”,
“$comment” => “estimating the road crossing”);
echo “$name,$type,$comment,$page_comment\n”;

out put:

estimatingFuction,humanNurology,estimating the road crossing, this is for getting the values.

extract converts all the arrays and key value pairs to a list of variables and there values. Here the page is global variable so comment associated with this is the first comment, and gives the out put as the first comment.

thanks 🙂

Recover image data from corrupted memory card

Yesterday memory card of my camera got error. Whenever  I am entering it to the camera it was saying not formatted format?

I got shocked! It was having the images which I will not get back again if I loose.

I entered the the memory card in the computer in windows it was detecting the card but was saying not formatted you need to format.

After searching in the net I got one software which retrieves the data lost in memory card. But it costs too much around $145. I thought gone I will not get the images back again.

After that I tried using linux. The memory card was in /dev but not getting mounted

.After searching around one hour I got one method to recover the data using linux. Though I had to make some changes  in that method but it worked for me.

at first did a low level copy of the data into hard drive to a dat file.

dd  if =/dev/sdb1 of=memcard.dat

then I got the whole data in memcard.dat

After that I extracted data from that dat file using formost which I got by doing

yum install foremost

then using for most

foremost -dva -t jpeg -o /pace/for/keeping/pictures -i memcard.dat

I got all the image files. Though all the video files also got splitted into jpg images.

It saved me from a tension 🙂

Long time to back in work again

Its been a long time I touch my computer for coding… Final semester it was of very busy days.

From the first day of the final semester there was a pressure to get a job for that memorize all those big big words which I have never seen before. Frankly speaking it seems to be very odd to me that we all are memorizing all the things which will never come in work. Hm.. at last got a job which is very much appropriate for me.

Now exam is over and time to come in work again… I have lot of works remaining. I think I will be continuing the “Openzilla” and get it fully developed.

After all I have completed my B.Tech though result is not out yet.

Help Page for Openzilla added

After a long time I have got time to do something my self.Yesterday I added help page for Openzilla. I have added it as a web page. If anyone clicks on the help then it will open the help page in his default web browser.

Help -> Help

The Help


Please feel free for any advise or change

Thanks 🙂 🙂

Openzilla search in the bugs added

I have added search feature to the openzilla,

on the top there is one entry panel where one can enter word or character to be searched. As the words or characters will be given it will show a list of bugs which have matching word or character in there detail.

Search can also done with bugid

For search one can go to menu search and click search it will give one popup window with entry box. There after entering the word searching for if ok pressed, then it will show the bugs having the matching word.

it will give the bug list having the matching word.

To install the openZilla

1.Download  openzilla.repo to /etc/yum.repos.d/

2.As root do : yum install openzilla

*To install openzilla on any other linux OS:

1) download openzilla-0.1.tar.gz
2) Untar it: $tar xvf openzilla-0.1.tar.gz
3) Change directory to openzilla-0.1: $cd openzilla-0.1
4) As root, install from setup.py:
#python setup.py install

Feel free to report any bugs, new feature request or suggestions.


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