A brief introduction to Image fields in django

After a long time my illness has given me a chance to be on line.

I was reading the IMAGE fields in django frameworks here a brief what I understood:

Image field used to store the images to a website in django, which can be given generally as:


where, upload_to is a folder created in the path given in MEDIA_ROOT

The MEDIA_ROOT of the settings.py which I have set as,

MEDIA_ROOT = ‘/home/bamachrn/django/flickr/templates/images/’

So, the Images which are uploaded to the site are saved to the folder    “/home/bamachrn/django/flickr/templates/images/name/’.

That means the database will save the information about the images, but it will not save the images. It has been created to do this in this way because if we save the images in the database, then it would have taken a vast storing space in the database which is a wastage of space. So the images are saved in a separate folder.


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